Local 100's Sonya Grey Calls out MTA for Foot Dragging on Contract

Our Career & Salary workers include Administrative Assistants, Claim Examiners, Computer and Telecommunications Specialists, Staff Analysts, Systems Managers and Transportation Planners.

“We are the backbone, behind the scenes, working to keep this city moving,” Grey told the MTA board. “We are the feet that are paddling feverishly in the water as the MTA tries to regain its footing in this economy. Please acknowledge our efforts and our value and finalize our contract.”

Denise Wellington, a Local 100 Union Representative and a Computer Associate, was going to testify in person but was sidelined by COVID-19. Wellington submitted written comments.

“Why are you denying us maternity and paternity leave?” Wellington said. “We must be the only group left whom you deemed unworthy of such a benefit. Why do you seem to believe we are not worthy of a wage increase when everywhere you turn inflation is hitting us hard in our wallets?”

In closing, Wellington said: “It is time for the Authority to do right by its employees, step up and step in and help to resolve our contract and show everyone that you care about this group of people.”
The MTA board sets Authority policy and priorities. There Board consists of representatives appointed by the mayor, governor, and county executives. Lieber is Chairman of the Board.

You can watch Grey's testimony here: