Widows & Orphans Fund

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IB ImageThe tragic loss of life among transit workers due to the Coronavirus has set off a wave of requests on how individuals can help the surviving families navigate the future financially.

The best way to ensure that the donations help the families for years to come is by contributing to the TWU Local 100 Widows & Orphans Fund. The fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides substantial financial assistance to the families of transit workers who have been killed in the line of duty. The fund underwrites the cost of family medical insurance for the survivors, and provides an annual educational grant for each school age child through college.

The Fund was established in 2003 and registered as a 501(c)3. Since then, the union has been able to increase the benefits to surviving transit families.

The main source of revenue for the fund is by voluntary payroll deduction from among rank-and-file transit workers. However, the fund has always accepted outside donations.  Considering the staggering loss of life, and the associated needs of our surviving families, we are gratefully accepting the kindness of those who wish to remember the heroism of transit workers in a special way.

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For additional information, please email our fund administrator at: widowsandorphans@twulocal100.org