Solidarity Rallies Continue as Contract Deadline Nears


“This rally will resonate at 2 Broadway with the powers that be,” Chiarello said, referring to IB ImageMTA headquarters in Lower Manhattan. “So, we appreciate everybody coming out. We’re going right back to the bargaining table, from here back to the bargaining table. It’s important that we’re all here and sticking together. Together we win.”

President Davis also stressed the importance of union solidarity and rank-and-file engagement.

“I want you to know just how important membership participation is,” Davis said. “You are just as important as us. We are your representatives, but membership participation is very, very key to winning a good contract, so thank you all for participating.”IB Image

Contract negotiations began April 17th with leadership presenting MTA executives with our demands.

May has been a month of mobilization. Today’s rally was just the latest action put together by the Local 100 Organizing Department and union vice presidents. Demonstrations occurred this month at the Quill Depot in Manhattan, the Fresh Pond Depot in Queens (Wednesday), the Coney Island Overhaul Shop/Rail Yard in Brooklyn, and the Baisley Park Depot, also in Queens.

Addressing more than 150 members outside the rail yard and maintenance facility in Coney Island last week, Davis said the ongoing fight in Albany for Tier VI pension reform will require member engagement. (The NY State Legislature crafts pensions and pension changes. It’s not a subject of mandatory contract bargaining under state law)IB Image

“We have to go to every single department and get the members together like we did today, and fight,” Davis said. “Fight. Fight. Fight. We’re not going to lie down. We’re going to fight.”