Union Mourns Station Agent Marty Goodman, 74, Dedicated Activist

He came into office as a member of New Directions under Roger Toussaint in 2000. He embraced rank and file activism, and could always be found on the front lines where working people needed a voice. Stations VP Robert Kelley expressed his sorrow over Marty's passing and said he would organize a memorial for him. He had no next of kin who could be reached.

Marc Kagan, formerly Chief of Staff to President Toussaint, said of Marty: "Stations was historically the hardest Department to organize, because people only see the person they’re relieving or who is relieving them. But Marty was known throughout the system. He would go out with his flyers or union leaflets and he would go from one end of a line to the other, and do it day after day after day until he covered the whole system. People knew him everywhere. He was the most principled guy I have ever known."

Marty was a prolific writer for the newspaper Socialist Action, and many of his articles can be found there online. We will keep you advised as to plans for his memorial.