At 9/11 Memorial Glade Ceremony, TWU Members Are Recognized

MAY 30 -- For the first time, TWU Local 100/MTA Honor Guard Capt. Jose Domenech walked proudly alongside the other agencies that played major roles at the 9/11 response and during the rescue and recovery effort. The Memorial Glade ceremony, which marks the end of the rescue and recovery effort in 2002, never included TWU Local members -- until now. Working with the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, President Davis and former President Utano have made it a priority to see that the 3,500 union members who responded on that fateful day are given their due.

At the ceremony, Museum President and CEO Beth Hillman acknowledged our TWU members, with President Davis and Tony Utano in the audience, along with scores of 9/11 families and guests from City agencies. We are all looking forward to this September, when the Museum will be showing 9/11 artifacts from transit, and will welcome our members for our annual medal ceremony.