Bus Operator Assaulted During Route Detour

June 8, 2024 – At approximately 11:30 am today, veteran bus driver, Isaac Egharevba, with 17 years of service was violently attacked while operating the number 3 shuttle near the Grand Ave Depot. The incident occurred amidst tensions caused by a route detour, which had made several passengers irate.

The operator was performing his duties as assigned, when an unknown assailant unexpectedly sliced him on the left side of his face, between the neck and jaw. Initially believing he had been punched, Egharevba quickly realized the severity of his injury when he began bleeding profusely. Demonstrating remarkable presence of mind, he safely stopped the bus and called for assistance.

Responders arrived promptly, providing him immediate medical attention after he sustained a deep laceration. He is currently resting, being treated for his wound. TA Surface Recording Secretary Alexander Kemp responded to the scene and provided essential support to the injured member. Once EMTs tended to Isaac and transported him to the hospital, Chairman Clarence remained by his side offering support to our him and his family.

Richard Davis, President of TWU Local 100 said "The safety of our drivers is non-negotiable. This violent attack on one of our own is an attack on us all. We will not rest until the assailant is brought to justice." The union urges all members to remain vigilant. An investigation is currently underway and authorities are reviewing surveillance footage and gathering witness accounts to identify and apprehend the assailant. Our thoughts are with the operator and his family during this time.