Congestion Pricing Stalls Out -- Workers' Concerns Weren't Addressed

Our members refuse to be taxed for simply coming to work, and they've made this abundantly clear at shopgates across the system. As the President of TWU Local 100, I will be steadfast in letting every legislator and politician know that this is where we stand. This isn't about convenience; it's about ensuring that the implementation of congestion pricing doesn't compromise the safety, efficiency, and accessibility of the transit system. It's about advocating for a plan that genuinely serves the common good, with necessary improvements and safeguards in place.

Janno Lieber, the face of this premature congestion pricing push, needs a reality check. Lieber did not make necessary service improvements nor consider the tolling flexibility our members need when going to work. We won't tolerate our essential workers being burdened by his ill-conceived plans. Governor Hochul's decision to delay congestion pricing implementation acknowledges this crucial point. It's a step towards ensuring that our transit system remains safe and efficient for both workers and riders. The MTA must prioritize these necessary improvements before adding any financial burdens to our essential workers.

Richard Davis, President

TWU Local 100