Grievance Win on Station Agent Pay

Local 100 caught the MTA shortchanging hundreds of Station Agents on their pay – and now the Authority must cut retro checks to the affected members.

The MTA was not fully applying a $1 pay-rate increase to Station Agents who have less than five full years on the job. The rate increase was part of a union-management agreement allowing Station Agents to work outside their booths that went into effect March 30, 2023. It is supposed to be applied to all Station Agents, not just more veteran workers.

Stations Vice President Robert Kelley filed a grievance. The MTA saw the writing on the wall and agreed to settle the case by agreeing in writing to provide retro pay going back to March 30, 2023, union counsel Arthur Schwartz said. The size of each retro check will depend on a worker’s date of hire, but the affected agents are expected to receive payments worth several hundred dollars.

“This is another example of our union staying on top of things,” Local 100 President Richard Davis said. “We will keep calling out the Authority when it doesn’t live up to the contract. That’s our job, and we will continue to be vigilant.”