Helping Kids Find Their Way

Local 100 was asked to participate by Elina Tretyak, a Speech Language Therapist at Erasmus. Elina is the daughter of Car Inspector Aleksey Tretyak.
“We were thrilled to have a train operator, bus operator and train mechanic,” Elina said. “We received wonderful feedback from many students. They truly enjoyed learning more about the largest public transportation system in North America, and hearing from Local 100 members about their roles and responsibilities in their current positions.”
The Local 100 volunteers who participated were Bus Operator Re’gan Weal, Train Operator Brian Davis, and Ventilation/Drainage Maintainer Alfonso Simmons. (Davis is a union Representative in RTO. Simmons is a Local 100 Section Chairman in MOW). The job fair is in part designed to show high school students career options as an alternative to college, and give them opportunities to network with different organizations, along with universities. “Thank you, TWU Local 100 for your kindness, time, effort, and service to our city!,” Elina Tretyak said.