NY Primaries: Early Voting Begins Saturday -- Support Our Endorsed Candidates

Poll Sites!
Please visit to find your polling place and view a sample ballot.   Find My Poll Site/View Sample Ballot (vote.nyc)
Absentee Ballot!
Absentee Ballot information:  If you have requested to vote via absentee ballot this year you will NOT  be able to change your mind and use the voting machines to vote in-person!  The Board of Elections has stated that everyone who has requested an absentee ballot use it.  If you requested an absentee ballot and lost it or did not receive, you will be asked to vote using an “affidavit” ballot, that will be checked against your registration before it is counted.   If you vote with an absentee ballot, you can track the ballot online here.   Find Record | NYC Absentee
Please see the below list of TWU Local 100 endorsed candidates who have a Primary on June 28, 2022.

Governor Kathy Hochul

Lt. Governor Antonio Delgado

Assembly 24 - David Weprin
Assembly 25 -  Nily Rozic 
Assembly 28 Andrew Hevesi
Assembly 29 Alicia Hyndman
Assembly 32 Vivian Cook
Assembly 33 Clyde Vanel 
Assembly 34 Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas
Assembly 35 Jeffrion Aubry
Assembly 37 Juan Ardila
Assembly 46 Mathylde Frontus
Assembly 50 Emily Gallagher
Assembly 54 Erik Martin Dilan
Assembly 55 Latrice Monique Walker
Assembly 59 Jaime Williams
Assembly 60 Nikki Lucas
Assembly 61 Charles Fall
Assembly 66 Deborah Glick
Assembly 70 Inez Dickens
Assembly 71 Al Taylor
Assembly 72 Manny De Los Santos
Assembly 75 Tony Simone
Assembly 81 Jeffrey Dinowitz
Assembly 82 Michael Benedetto
Assembly 84 Amanda Septimo
Assembly 86 Yudelka Tapia
Assembly 89 J. Gary Pretlow
Assembly 92 Thomas Abinanti
Assembly 103 Kevin Cahill
Assembly 111 Angelo Santabarbara