Sec-Treasurer Richard Davis Announces New Safety Team

The department also will press the MTA to do a better job of informing divisional officers and vice presidents when assaults take place, as an effective Safety Department works hand-and-hand with the divisional officers and vice presidents, Davis said.

One example of a mitigating factor to be pursued: getting police to deploy in targeted areas of the system when assault “hotspots” and spikes are identified, Davis said.

One example of a more complex and longer-term solution: the MTA buying new buses with Bus Operator cockpits. Such a new design would provide total separation between the public and the Bus Operator position – a game-changing upgrade Local 100 President Tony Utano and Davis first raised with MTA management two years ago.

Davis was the MaBSTOA vice president until last month when the union's Executive Board promoted him to Secretary-Treasurer following the retirement of Earl Phillips. The team of Safety Representatives will be headed by Joe DiPaola (buses) and Celeste Kirkland (subways). DiPaola and Kirkland will report directly to Davis.

“We plan on working hard and working smartly every single day on making the transit system safer for our members and for the public,” Davis said. “That’s what we intend to do.”

The roster of Departmental representatives and contact information can be found below: (Download Newsletter)
Lionel Harrison, CED
Joe DiPaola, MaBSTOA
Celeste Kirkland, MOW
Jamie Ayuso, Private Lines
Denise Long, RTO
Nilda Lont, Stations
Rocky Veltri, TA Surface