Staff Analysts Praised by Governor for Professionalism During Sunset Park Shooting Incident

IB ImageAPRIL 27 – NYS Governor Kathy Hochul praised the work of TWU Local 100 represented Staff Analysts – communications professionals who are usually behind the scenes and not seen by the public, for their roles after the shooting aboard an N Train in Sunset Park.

Our members – pictured here with their Union Rep, Executive Board Member Denise Wellington – were part of a group of 18 MTA employees who were recognized with official proclamations presented by Hochul alongside MTA CEO Janno Lieber at MTA Headquarters.

They were honored alongside the N and R train crews who have already been the subject of much media attention. Also honored were our CTA's, who have also not seen much media attention to date.

Staff Analysts Tanyia Brand-Jones and Annie Morrison, both part of the digital communications team at NYC Transit, worked quickly to give transit riders vital information in the wake of the shooting aboard the N Train in Sunset Park, Brooklyn on April 12th.

Departmental Manager Tyler Schow gave this account of what transpired at the Rail Control Center, where they work:

“Immediately it was obvious something more severe than a usual incident was coming over. Staff rushed over to the area to start getting everyone to safety, determining what was going on, and then me and Tanyia and Annie were working together to determine what was the impact to train service. Obviously there was going to be some sort of disruption.

“How can we make sure what kind alternative routes do people have available, how can we get that out to as many as possible? So the RCC is just a lot of collaboration -- everyone working together to make sure that everyone was safe, and that everyone could get to where they needed to go.”