Station Agent's Assault Case Adjouned Until July 25th

June 3 -- The assault case for Station Agent Noreen Mallory, has been adjourned yet again until July 25th. This is the reality for many of those who suffer assaults while performing their duty. Court proceedings are often taxing for members, albeit necessary. "This would be so much harder if I didn't have the support of my union." Mallory said, "I am incredibly thankful that [Stations Vice President Robert] Kelley and my colleagues have come to all of my court appearances." 

In this case, Ms. Mallory was assaulted while routinely roving the Wall Street Station. She noticed a mass underneath the bench and upon closer inspection, she realized it was a man resting there. Before she was able to send a notification through the emergency messaging system, she was attacked. Noreen sustained injuries to her eye and back as a result and is still on her journey to recovery. 

The union encourages all members who may be available to stand in solidarity with Noreen Mallory at her next court appearance at 100 Centre Street on July 25th.

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