Sunset Park Train, Bus Crews Honored at City Hall

Sunset Park Crews Honored at City Hall

GOOD FRIDAY, APRIL 15 -- Mayor Adams on Friday honored our Heroes of Sunset Park: transit workers who helped riders escape after a gunman opened fire on an N-train Tuesday morning.

"I want to thank you for your service to the city and your bravery on that morning," said Adams, who presided over the City Hall ceremony virtually while isolating after testing positive for COVID-19. "... You stayed calm. You stayed focused, and you saved lives."

Secretary-Treasurer Earl Phillips further described the roles Train Operators and Conductors played during the emergency. “This was an active shooter situation, and Conductors and Train Operators were taking charge, doing what was necessary to get riders out of danger,” Phillips said.  “At any given minute, they were either directing passengers, making announcements, moving their trains, taking police into the tunnel to look for the shooter, or communicating with the Rail Control Center and emergency responders. Our Bus Operators, meanwhile, filled the void, picking up riders along the N line, including those rushing out of 36th St.”

Deputy Mayor Lorraine Grillo presented city Proclamations to: N-Train Operator David Artis and Conductor Raven Haynes; R-Train Operator Joseph Franchi and Conductor Dayron Williams; and B37 Bus Operator Parla Mejia. R-Train Operator Michael Catalano and Conductor Willy Sanchez couldn’t attend but will receive Proclamations too.

To further highlight the roles transit workers play in emergencies, TWU Local 100 arranged a press conference on the steps of City Hall for the workers to describe their experiences and actions Tuesday morning, drawing more than 2 dozen television, radio, and print reporters and camera operators.

Here are some of the clips. Click on the image above to see stills of the event.

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