Union Demands MTA Suspend Use of Kronos Timekeeping Equipment in Wake of Data Breach

JANUARY 19 -- TWU Local 100 President Utano has demanded the MTA suspend use of Kronos timekeeping equipment for all Local 100 members because of the nationwide cyberattack and data breach.

In a letter to MTA Chairman Janno Lieber, Utano also insisted the MTA “fully and completely” compensate transit workers for any potential economic losses stemming from the attack - including time spent dealing with banks and credit card companies.

According to the MTA, unknown hackers gained access to files containing some personal information about MTA workers, which the MTA says is limited to commuter railroad workers. Previous representations by the MTA, however, have proved to be false so we are closely monitoring the situation.
The leaked data includes names, birthdates, addresses and emails, according to the authority.

The security breach is even more alarming because the MTA has revealed that Kronos does have some personal information about Local 100 members even though the Authority had repeatedly assured the union it would not provide the company with such data. The MTA was only supposed to provide individual names and pass numbers. The restriction was codified in an arbitration award after the union brought a case. Calling the disclosure an “absolute betrayal” that also violated a union arbitration award, Utano demanded an immediate investigation to determine those responsible.

In the absence of MTA compliance with these demands, Utano said the union will enforce its contractual rights for immediate arbitration.

The full letter can be read here.