Union Retirees Covered for Treatment at New York's Premier Cancer Hospital

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In response to the Union's request for clarification, Memorial Sloan Kettering, New York's premier cancer hospital, has clarified that the hospital accepts our retirees' Aetna Medicare Advantage plan as "in network" coverage as a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization). You can read the relevant section of the Memorial Sloan Kettering website here. This Aetna coverage is accepted at MSK for NYC Transit Retirees only, according to the site.

"Retirees can rest assured that their coverage at MSK is in good hands and is in force," said Local 100's Director of Health Benefits, Chris Lightbourne. "The commercial plan that active members participate in has had Sloan as a participating provider for years. If individual members are having difficulty with Sloan being an in-network provider, please provide member details and what facilities are involved and Aetna can then investigate," he said. You can reach the Union at: member.services@twulocal100.org.