Victims of Russia’s Brutal War in Ukraine Get Help From TWU Local 100

The bulk of the funds are going to Mechnikov Hospital, one of the largest in Ukraine, employing close to 2,200 people who are now predominantly caring for the war wounded. It has been credited with already saving the lives of 2,500 Ukrainian soldiers.

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Local 100 President Tony Utano received a letter (see graphic) from TAPS acknowledging the donation which said in part, "We express our gratitude to you and the members of your trade union for the support of the Ukrainian people in our fight against Russian armed aggression against Ukraine. Thanks to your financial contribution, we were able to provide medical humanitarian aid to wounded servicemen and civilians who suffered as a result of this providing assistance, you give strength to our defenders for further service, support their fighting spirit, and confidence that their struggle is not in vain."

“This vicious ground war is being fought by an army that is indiscriminately targeting civilians,” said Local 100 President Tony Utano. “We’re doing our part, on behalf of our many members who have asked us to help.

TWU Local 100 has approximately 2,700 Russian or Ukrainian speaking members, the greatest proportion who work in CED. Of those, the largest group comes from the Ukraine.

The donation to the Ukraine humanitarian effort comes after Local 100 similarly donated to earthquake and flood victims in Haiti and Puerto Rico at the request of members who share that heritage.

“TWU is ready to help the victims of any tragedy,” said CED VP Shirley Martin.