TWU Takes on Lieber, DA Bragg on Workforce Safety

MARCH 12 -- TWU Local 100 President Richard Davis took the fight to the MTA and the Manhattan DA in a full page New York Post ad, which names MTA CEO Janno Lieber and DA Alvin Bragg as "dumb and dumber," derelict in their responsibilities to address crime in the transit system. We followed up on the ad with a news conference in which President Davis said Lieber hasn't demonstrated enough concern for transit workers and that Bragg's decisions on what penalties to seek in two high-profile assault cases were far too lenient.

The Union is advocating for measures including demands for better police deployment -- focusing on areas where we Local 100 members are operating -- along with a demand that Judges enforce involuntary commitment laws against the violent mentally ill. Other specifics include a request that judges ban persons accused of assaulting transit workers from the transit system as a condition of release pending trial.