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Staff Analysts Praised by Governor for Professionalism During Sunset Park Shooting Incident

IB ImageAPRIL 27 – NYS Governor Kathy Hochul praised the work of TWU Local 100 represented Staff Analysts – communications professionals who are usually behind the scenes and not seen by the public, for their roles after the shooting aboard an N Train in Sunset Park.

Our members – pictured here with their Union Rep, Executive Board Member Denise Wellington – were part of a group of 18 MTA employees who were recognized with official proclamations presented by Hochul alongside MTA CEO Janno Lieber at MTA Headquarters.

They were honored alongside the N and R train crews who have already been the subject of much media attention. Also honored were our CTA's, who have also not seen much media attention to date.

Staff Analysts Tanyia Brand-Jones and Annie Morrison, both part of the digital communications team at NYC Transit, worked quickly to give transit riders vital information in the wake of the shooting aboard the N Train in Sunset Park, Brooklyn on April 12th.

Departmental Manager Tyler Schow gave this account of what transpired at the Rail Control Center, where they work:

“Immediately it was obvious something more severe than a usual incident was coming over. Staff rushed over to the area to start getting everyone to safety, determining what was going on, and then me and Tanyia and Annie were working together to determine what was the impact to train service. Obviously there was going to be some sort of disruption.

“How can we make sure what kind alternative routes do people have available, how can we get that out to as many as possible? So the RCC is just a lot of collaboration -- everyone working together to make sure that everyone was safe, and that everyone could get to where they needed to go.”


Signal Helper Struck on F Line

APRIL 25 -- A 64 year-old Signal Helper assigned to auxiliary flagging duties came into contact with a train on the F line this morning and suffered injuries that include a broken arm and fractured ribs, MOW Vice President John Chiarello and Line Equipment/Signals Division Chair Chris Canty said.

The member is in stable condition at a local hospital. He has been on the job for three years. The incident is under investigation to determine the cause or causes of the accident.


Sunset Park Train, Bus Crews Honored at City Hall

Sunset Park Crews Honored at City Hall

GOOD FRIDAY, APRIL 15 -- Mayor Adams on Friday honored our Heroes of Sunset Park: transit workers who helped riders escape after a gunman opened fire on an N-train Tuesday morning.

"I want to thank you for your service to the city and your bravery on that morning," said Adams, who presided over the City Hall ceremony virtually while isolating after testing positive for COVID-19. "... You stayed calm. You stayed focused, and you saved lives."

Secretary-Treasurer Earl Phillips further described the roles Train Operators and Conductors played during the emergency. “This was an active shooter situation, and Conductors and Train Operators were taking charge, doing what was necessary to get riders out of danger,” Phillips said.  “At any given minute, they were either directing passengers, making announcements, moving their trains, taking police into the tunnel to look for the shooter, or communicating with the Rail Control Center and emergency responders. Our Bus Operators, meanwhile, filled the void, picking up riders along the N line, including those rushing out of 36th St.”

Deputy Mayor Lorraine Grillo presented city Proclamations to: N-Train Operator David Artis and Conductor Raven Haynes; R-Train Operator Joseph Franchi and Conductor Dayron Williams; and B37 Bus Operator Parla Mejia. R-Train Operator Michael Catalano and Conductor Willy Sanchez couldn’t attend but will receive Proclamations too.

To further highlight the roles transit workers play in emergencies, TWU Local 100 arranged a press conference on the steps of City Hall for the workers to describe their experiences and actions Tuesday morning, drawing more than 2 dozen television, radio, and print reporters and camera operators.

Here are some of the clips. Click on the image above to see stills of the event.

Hero MTA Workers Speak Out After NYC Shooting Rampage

After Bullets Flew, NYC Subway Workers Kept Their Cool


Brooklyn Dep Boro President Diana Richardson's Rousing Speech to our Women's Month Event

Brooklyn Deputy Borough President Diana Richardson gives a heartfelt keynote address to our Women's Month event at the Union Hall on March 24th. She is a longtime stalwart supporter of TWU Local 100 and her remarks show it.

T/O Garrett Goble is Remembered on the Second Anniversary of His Passing

MARCH 27 -- Union leadership and rank and file members gathered at the Flatbush Ave/Brooklyn College station on the 2 and 5 lines to remember the sacrifice of Train Operator Garrett Goble, who evacuated his passengers when a fire tore through his 2 Train but perished before he could himself escape. The memorial event came exactly two years after Brother Goble's heroic sacrifice. An award in his name was presented to an NYCT Conductor, Mark Burns, who also performed heroically when he, as part of a combined effort of Conductors and Train Operators, rescued 300 riders from rising floodwaters on the R Train last September 1. Brother Burns accepted the award from RTO Vice President Canella Gomez.

President Tony Utano recalled Brother Goble's sacrifice which came at the same time as the COVID-19 pandemic began to claim victims in New York. He called Brother Goble "perhaps the greatest hero" of the pandemic era, noting that it was the job of transit workers to bring all other essential workers to their jobs, so that the City could continue to operate.

Also speaking were VP Gomez, Local 100 VP of MABSTOA Richard Davis, members of the Goble family, including his widow, Delilah, and mother, Vicki, transit workers who have been mainstays of the family, and NYCT VP of Service Delivery, Herbert Lambert.



Transit Ban Law Should Be Implemented

State law enables judges to ban subway perverts and riders who attack transit workers from the system for up to three years – but they haven’t imposed a single ban since the law was passed in late 2020, The New York Post reported Sunday evening. TWU Local 10O President Tony Utano gave the following statement and information to the NY Post for its report:

Authorities should set transit bans or impose restrictions, at the very least, in the most egregious cases.

“We will gladly plaster the system with their photos and call the cops if we see them entering their home station or boarding their local bus,” Utano said. “If a ban, or the threat of a ban, deters even just one assault against a transit worker, one attack against a rider, then it’s worth it.”

Critics contend that a ban is unenforceable. While it’s true that someone who is banned can sneak back into the system, but they would be aware of the risk. If caught, they could get into even more trouble, possibly fined or jailed. For example, a driver who loses his or her license for driving drunk can get behind the wheel of a car and drive. No one is going to see that person start the engine. But that driver would be taking a big risk if caught.

Bans were possible even before the law. Local 100 pushed prosecutors to include a partial transit ban on an unhinged, terminally ill man who stabbed a conductor in Harlem in 2019. He was only allowed to use the system if going for cancer treatment.

Years ago, state parole officials working with the NYPD Transit Bureau ensured that subway criminals with extensive rap sheets for preying on subway riders had subway bans imposed as a condition of their state parole. Police officers studied mug shots of the worst offenders and could recognize them if they saw them. In 2002, there were at least eight career subway criminals with bans or restrictions imposed by parole officials.

“If that’s no longer happening, then authorities should revive the tactic,” Utano said. “It’s common sense.”

Union Setting Up Fund to Aid Ukrainian People

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I wanted to thank you all for the initiative to create a fund to help Ukraine and Ukrainians in need. Currently we are working on establishing this fund and having separate meetings with financial advisors and lawyers to make sure TWU Local 100 is in line with all financial regulations and in compliance with current laws.

I will send out a separate communication to all members with all the details as soon as we determine the type of the Fund so that our members are assured that their donations will go directly to aid the Ukrainian people.  Upon approval by the Local 100 Executive Committee, the union will make an appropriate donation to the fund.

Tony Utano
President, TWU Local 100

NYCT Has Wellness App, free Nutritional, Health, Meditation Videos

IB Image

NYCT is offering every member who works for the Authority free access to wellness videos via an app called Grokker, which you can access by snapping the QR code in the display at left. To read the write-up of all the wellness guidance from Grokker, just click on the image to download the PDF. The union supports wellness initiatives that will help the members achieve healthier lifestyles.


Union's Black History Celebration Honors Recording Secretary LaTonya Crisp; Black Leaders in Local 100

Black History Celebration 2022 NRTWU Local 100 Recording Secretary LaTonya Crisp was honored at the Union's annual Black History Celebration on February 28th. Also honored with a special slide presentation were TWU Local 100 African American leaders going back to our early days.

For photos of the event, click on the image of Sister Crisp accepting her award from President Utano and MABSTOA VP Richard Davis.

You can see see the presentation of our African-American leaders here.

Here are our speakers at the event:

Our Presenters -- Sherlock Bender, Chris Lightbourne, Richard Davis.

Shirley Martin, VP of Car Equipment

Our Honoree -- Recording Secretary LaTonya Crisp

Remarks by President Tony Utano

Musical Performance -- April Williams


Pre-Retirement Webinar set for March 25

IB ImageConsidering retirement? To register, just click on the image and download the flyer. Then, shoot the QR to go to the registration website.

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