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Union Negotiates Promotional Path for Car Cleaners

The Days of No Advancement are Over

Local 100 President Tony Utano, CED Vice President Shirley Martin and CED Division Chair Matt Ahern have negotiated an important stipulation with the MTA creating a promotional pathway for Car Cleaners.

President Tony Utano said: “This big victory was a true team effort by top leadership and our Division Officers in Car Equipment. Both Vice President Shirley Martin and Chair Matt Ahern did an outstanding job pushing this across the finish line.”

Vice President Shirley Martin said: “The days of no advancement for our Car Cleaners are over. Car Cleaner was the only hourly title in Transit with no chance for promotion in the title. This was unfair to the Car Cleaners, and we’re happy to right this wrong.” Division Chair Matt Ahern added: “Car Cleaners are second class no more,”


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Local 100 Secretary-Treasurer Earl Phillips Retiring at 60

MAY 25 – Earl Phillips, after 11 years as TWU Local 100 Secretary-Treasurer, the second highest position in the Union, is retiring this month. He was warmly congratulated on his tenure by President Tony Utano and other Union leaders and staff at a small reception in his honor on Tuesday. International President John Samuelsen also attended the event.

Brother Phillips, 60, was born in Barbados and came to America in 1987 to join his mother and sisters in America. He started an auto-repair business in Brooklyn and was hired by NYCT as a Chassis Maintainer in 1993, working out of East New York Bus Depot in Brooklyn as well as Gun Hill and Kingsbridge Depots in the Bronx. Witnessing work situations that compromised worker safety, he became active with the Union and became a Field Safety Representative in 2002.

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On Good Day NY, MABSTOA VP Richie Davis Addresses Bus Operator Assaults

May 24, 2022 -- TWU LOCAL 100 Vice President for MABSTOA and Chief of Staff Richie Davis went on Good Day New York today to discuss the rising tide of assaults on Bus Operators which have increased by 42% from 2018. The minute a rider bypasses the Metrocard reader and walks onto the bus, he or she has committed a crime. At that point, confronting the passenger with this fact risks an Operator’s Safety.

Brother Davis told Good Day NY Anchor Roseanna Scotto and Bianca Peters: “Our members are in fear of being harmed and being assaulted, spit on. Everything you can think of happens to us on a daily basis.


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LCLAA, Westchester County Honor Catherine Rivera

The Westchester County Board of Legislators, along with State Sen. Shelley B. Mayer and the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA), honored Local 100 member Catherine Rivera and her late husband, Nelson Rivera, a long time TWU officer, for their activism and community involvement.  The awards were presented at the annual meeting of the Westchester Chapter of LCLAA earlier this month.

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Misleading Story on Public Pensions is Not Accurate

A misleading story in the New York Daily News about public pensions being defrauded by Allianz, Inc. has caused unwarranted concern among some transit workers and other public sector workers here and across the country.
Local 100 wants you to know that your pension benefits HAVE NOT BEEN NEGATIVELY AFFECTED IN ANY WAY. 

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Union Bus Operators Call for Action on Assaults

There was a huge media presence outside the Kingsbridge Bus Depot Wednesday, May 18, 2022, as TWU Local 100 held a press conference calling attention to assaults against Bus Operators all across the city.

Bus Operators described their ordeals to the assembled media: at least eight television stations, plus print and broadcast outlets, were on hand.  MaBSTOA 1 Division

Chair Donald Yates and Vice Chair Sean Battaglia, meanwhile, called on riders, transit officials, and government leaders to take specific actions to increase safety.

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Union's Statement in Reaction to Mass Shooting in Buffalo, NY

President Tony Utano issued this statement in reaction to the mass shooting in Buffalo, New York:

TWU Local 100 mourns the victims killed by a racist hate-filled gunman in Buffalo, and we pray for their grieving families and loved ones. Racism is a cancer that we can not ignore or tolerate - ever.

Healthfair Highlights Wellness at Kingsbridge Depot


MAY 12 -- Operating a Bus is very stressful -- and so Local 100 hosted a health and wellness fair along with NYCT at Kingsbridge Depot, featuring an array of healthcare providers, healthy eats, and lifestyle enhancements such as yoga. The event is part of an ongoing series bringing wellness to transit locations systemwide. On hand from the union was MABSTOA VP Richard Davis, officers and chairs. Look for the next health fair near you -- and check out website for more information on how to stay healthy as we continue to move New York.

Union Honors Those Killed on the Job on Workers' Memorial Day

TWU Local 100 honored those who have died on the job while serving in the line of duty -- 17 transit workers over the last 20 years. They were memorialized in a video presentation from President Tony Utano which also paid tribute to the 125 Union members who died of COVID-19, also in the line of duty while serving the public.

In a luncheon at the Hall to mark the occasion, top officers were joined by City Councilwoman Lynn Schulman (D-Queens) and OSA President Bob Croghan.

Union Payment Platform Set up for Donations to Help Ukraine

TWU Local 100 is pleased to announce that we have set up an account to help members donate to the people of Ukraine most in need. Many TWU members have indicated that they would like to help, but want to make sure that their donations are used for the intended purpose.

In response, the union has set up the account, called the “TWU Local 100 Ukraine Account,” where members’ donations will be held safely, and ultimately forwarded to one or more reputable organizations delivering international relief to displaced Ukrainians. 

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Upon approval by the Local 100 Executive Committee, the Union will make an appropriate donation to the fund.


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