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Statement from Richard Davis on Line of Duty Death this Morning


Brothers and Sisters.

This morning, I reported to the scene of the incident that resulted in the loss of one of our members from the Track Division. It is with heavy hearts that we share the unfortunate news that our fellow member was involved in a tragic incident with a train. Please keep his family and friends in your prayers during this difficult time. An ongoing investigation is underway.

In light of this, please be advised that a 24 hour safety stand down for right of way is being issued effective immediately.

I want to assure my full support to the family and any affected members during this tragic event. Today we grieve the loss of one of our own, and it is crucial that we come together in solidarity. We will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available. Please take care of yourselves and one another.

With deepest sympathy,
Richard Davis, President

Table Tennis Tourney in Car Equipment Building Cameraderie

NOVEMBER 15 – The competitive spirit is alive and well in Car Equipment, where over 50 members are competing in a table tennis tournament starting this month.

Organized by CED member Lyubomyr Kharko, who previously organized a chess tourney, table tennis action has gotten underway across the system at Coney Island Overhaul, 207 Street Overhaul, East New York Maintenance, and Pelham Barn.

November is for preliminary rounds, so members from Car Equipment can still sign up to play. Four winners will be decided at the final stage of competition in December. Members are competing at lunchbreaks and on their own time, which works because of the quick nature of play.

CED Executive Board Member Gregory Dunichev, who secured the support of TWU Local 100, says the fun has a positive side beside the joy of competitive sport – members get into better physical shape, and cheering on friends boosts camaraderie and union spirit.

Chinese Day 2023 -- A Great Evening in Sunset Park

Chinese Day 2023Hundreds of Union members came to our annual Chinese Day celebration in Sunset Park, including longtime political ally State Senator John Liu. Here are photos from the event.

Italian Day 2023 -- Enjoy the Photos

Italian Day 2023 Our Italian Day this year took place on October 25th at a new venue -- The Church of Saints Simon & Jude at 185 Van Sicklen St. in Brooklyn. A great time was had by all, especially the kids!

Greetings on Diwali

NOVEMBER 11 -- Diwali is the five-day festival of lights, celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains around the world. Diwali symbolizes the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. Local 100 greets our many Indian and South Asian members in the spirit of Diwali.

Richard Davis, President

Arbitration Win Sets the Record Straight

In a decision on 10/31/23, Arbitrator Howard C. Edelman, Esq. ruled "The Employers' unilateral action in changing the clear and consistent application of Sections 3.5(E) and 6.2 (A) (2) (d) violated the collective bargaining agreement, embodied in the longstanding past practice established by the parties to the extent indicated herein. Employers shall cease and desist from its current application of the provisions at issue." This verdict reinforces our commitment to upholding the terms of our collective bargaining agreement and maintaining consistency in our practices.

In light of recent claims made, the attached PDF letters, one from Carrube, head of the supervisors association, and our response, set the record straight and address the matters raised.

See below:

IB Image  IB Image

For a comprehensive understanding of the situation and to view the full arbitration details, you can access these documents here.


Bus Op. Felix Checo's Quick Thinking Saves a Life!


Dubbed an MTA Hero by ABC News, Felix Checo, a dedicated TWU Local 100 Member saved a life last month.

On October 3, while Checo was at the helm of the Bx9 bus, he received word that a passenger had become unconscious. Checo promptly secured the bus, ensuring the safety of the passengers on board, and facilitated their exit. He then immediately attended to the distressed passenger. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Checo took swift action by dialing 911 for assistance. 

Given that EMS services were delayed due to traffic congestion, he initiated life-saving chest compressions and CPR. Within minutes, the EMS team arrived, taking charge of the situation and efficiently transporting the unconscious passenger to the hospital. It is largely thanks to the swift and skilled response by Felix Checo that the customer regained consciousness. The New York Police Department promptly informed the Department of Buses about this positive turn of events, underlining Checo's instrumental role in this life-saving incident.


Breast Cancer Walks Raise $38K; Bring Members Together

2023 Breast Cancer Walk in the Bronx

Over 100 members from various departments joined forces on October 15th in Central Park and on October 22nd in the Bronx to make strides against breast cancer. The event, organized by the American Cancer Society and heavily supported by the Union, exemplified the strength of community in the fight against this disease, with over $38,000 raised for the ACS.

Notably, Tonya Thompson, a member, breast cancer survivor and Making Strides Organizer, honored West Farms and Kingsbridge Bus Depots with special banners in recognition of their significant turnout. This heartfelt gesture highlighted the power of collective support in battling breast cancer. The day was not only about raising awareness; it was a celebration of joy and unity.

Attendees were also treated to thrilling performances by the Universoul Circus Act, featuring dancers on stilts, rollerblade trick-stars, and acrobat contortionists. The energetic acts added an exciting dimension to the event. The walk itself served as a symbol of hope and determination, with each step reinforcing TWU Local 100's commitment to supporting breast cancer research and finding a cure. The collective energy was palpable, propelling the cause forward.

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CBS Report: Assaults on Transit Workers Rising


  Stations Vice President Robert Kelley was interviewed in a CBS 2 investigative report focusing on assaults on transit workers which aired on October   30th. The report by reporter Tim McNicholas documents a four-year upward trend in these assaults, putting a spotlight on never-before-seen videos of bus assaults which the station obtained through public records requests.

   In response to subway assaults against his members, Kelley commits to name and shame prosecutors who don't recommend tough penalties for perps and judges who give them slaps on the wrist instead of jail time. Local 100's advocacy has resulted in a surge of policing, mainly on subways, but more needs to be done.

  In addition to more police in the system, the Union supports maximum penalties for those who assault transit workers as well as permanent banning from the system. 


Lindbergh Ray of MTA Bus Appointed to Executive Board

OCTOBER 23 -- Lindbergh Ray, who serves as College Point Transportation Vice Chair, was appointed to the TWU Local 100 Executive Board in September. He was sworn in today by President Richard Davis at the regular meeting of the Executive Board. In the photo with Davis are Recording Secretary LaTonya Crisp and MTA Bus/School Bus/Private Lines Vice President Danny D'Amato. Brother D'Amato said: "I have have known him throughout the years as a strong advocate for Unionism and he’s the right choice for the Executive Board." Congratulations!

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