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Davis, Samuelsen Address SAG-AFTRA Rally at NBC Studios

OCTOBER 3 – More than 300 TWU members from across the country brought strong solidarity to the SAG-AFTRA picket line outside of NBC studios today as the union began bargaining again with TV and motion picture management. A huge crowd of striking SAG-AFTRA members were joined by TWU Brothers and Sisters as we jammed 49th Street at Rockefeller Center.

SAG-AFTRA New York Local Executive Director Rebecca Damon introduced us with the following words: “While some people were busy watching Netflix on their couches [during the recent floods], these were the people who came to work so that the doctors and nurses could get people taken care of. That is no small thing. For me, when I hear the TWU, I think of heroes, because that is what they are, and that is one of the reasons why their support means so much to me today."

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Plea for Help as Union Sister Loses Home in Bed Stuy Fire

SEPTEMBER 25 -- Women's Committee and Family Assistance Coordinator Giselle Martinez is asking for help for CTA N. Powell, a six-year transit employee with Car Equipment. She was burned out of her home in Brooklyn early Sunday Morning. The blaze was covered extensively by local media. The fire displaced 50 families from their home on MacDonough Street, among them our Union Sister. Three people were injured.

Fortunately, Sister Powell and her daughter Jazell, 5, escaped unhurt. They were put up in a hotel room by the Red Cross but unfortunately lost all of their possessions. Ms. Powell is asking for donations of clothing -- stretch pants, medium sized tops, and shoes, size 8. Her daughter needs kids size 6 clothes and kids size 12 shoes. They also need food, toiletries, and whatever else members can donate.

Those wishing to help the family can reach out to Giselle at 917-704-6727, or email her at


A Soulful African American Parade Celebration (2023)

African American Day Parade 2023

SEPTEMBER 17 -- In the heart of Harlem, as we eagerly awaited the start of the African American Day Parade, the tempting aroma of Charles Pan Fried Chicken beckoned us. Crispy fried chicken, buttery cornbread, and flavorful collard greens filled the air. Families, friends, and communities had come together, adorning floats with colorful decorations, banners, and messages of hope and resilience. The energy was palpable, as laughter and joyful chatter filled the air. As the parade kicked off, the music started to play, and the crowd erupted into cheers. Drum lines and marching bands captivated Harlem, while dancers and performers graced the streets with their incredible talents.

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Eastern European Day Brings Festivities to Brighton Beach

Eastern European Day 2023SEPTEMBER 17 -- 800 Transit Brothers and Sisters celebrated their Eastern European heritage at Tatiana's in Brighton Beach, with great food, entertainment, and the presence of Union leadership including President Richard Davis, former President Tony Utano, CED Vice President Shirley Martin, and -- always glad to be back in South Brooklyn from his busy schedule -- TWU International President John Samuelsen. Grigoryi Dunichev from CED was the MC, and the floor show was even bigger and better this year! Enjoy the photos of the event.

Union Press Conference Highlights Assault on Station Agent at Nereid Avenue

SEPTEMBER 21 -- TWU Local 100 President Richard Davis and Stations Vice President Robert Kelley on Thursday called on judges and prosecutors to throw the book at criminals who attack transit workers.

Standing with one of the latest transit-worker victims at a Local 100 press conference in the Bronx, Davis and Kelley said prosecutors and judges need to send a clear message that attacks on transit workers are not going to be tolerated.

“I’m angry. I’m outraged. I’m pissed off,” Davis said. “Our members are being attacked on a daily basis. This is obviously horrific, disgusting, and should not happen. We’re going to continue to fight and fight until the law is applied.”

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Retiree Association members toured Central Park in horse-drawn carriages
Retiree Association members toured Central Park in horse-drawn carriages

Local 100 Retirees Enjoy Horse-Carriage Rides in Central Park

After decades of moving New Yorkers by subway and bus, dozens of retired transit workers were treated Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2023, to leisurely rides through Central Park in horse-drawn carriages. 

The Local 100 Retirees Association arranged for the 50-minute tours, which included views of Bethesda Fountain, the Sheep Meadow, the Lake, the Central Park Carousel, and Strawberry Fields. As they guided their horses through the rolling landscape, which was designed and built in the 1850s, the carriage drivers shared historical and pop-culture tidbits about the park and the sights.

“It was beautiful,” Ramona Johnson, a former Bus Operator and former Vice Chair of the Jackie Gleason Bus Depot, in Brooklyn said. “The ride was nice and smooth. The weather was perfect. The driver was excellent.”

Retired CTA Eric Jewell called the tour “wonderful.”

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Transport Workers Union Local 100 $150,000 in Student Scholarships

The TWU Local 100 Scholarships, offered for the first time ever in 2010, and established by your leadership, will be awarded by your union each year. Fill out this application to apply for the 2024 Scholarship.

The deadline for this application is May 31, 2024 to be eligible.

These are one year scholarships. TWU Local 100 members/retirees in good standing may submit one application each year for each student. Households with two TWU Local 100 members/ retirees, may submit two applications per student each year.

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pictured: (l-r): Recording Secretary LaTonya Crisp, newly appointed Division Chair Mike Capocci, newly appointed Vice President Danny D'Amato, President Richard Davis, Secretary-Treasurer John V. Chiarello, and Admin. VP Lynwood Whichard. Not pictured: New Exec Board Member Lindbergh Ray.
pictured: (l-r): Recording Secretary LaTonya Crisp, newly appointed Division Chair Mike Capocci, newly appointed Vice President Danny D'Amato, President Richard Davis, Secretary-Treasurer John V. Chiarello, and Admin. VP Lynwood Whichard. Not pictured: New Exec Board Member Lindbergh Ray.

Rosconi Retires as Torch Passes to D'Amato at Private Lines/MTA Bus/School Bus

SEPTEMBER 18 -- The TWU Local 100 Executive Board elevated MTA Bus Division Chair Danny D'Amato to Vice President of MTA Bus/Private Bus Lines/School Bus & Paratransit. He replaces three-term VP Pete Rosconi, who has retired from active service.

“I’d like to thank President Richard Davis for recommending me for this important position, and also the E-board for granting its approval,” D’Amato said. “I look forward to continuing to work with the Davis administration at this higher level. I have big shoes to fill, but I’m up to the task of serving our department’s members as their new Vice President.”

In other moves, the Executive Board elevated Mike Capocci from MTA Bus Division Vice Chair to Division Chair. The board also placed College Point Vice Chair Lindbergh Ray onto the Executive Board.

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Goble Assailant Declared Unfit for Trial; Union Demands Justice

SEPTEMBER 18 -- Garrett Goble's assailant, Nathaniel Avinger, was declared mentally unfit to stand trial – for now, authorities said in court Monday.

Nathaniel Avinger will remain in custody in a psychiatric facility. The case against him remains open, and the prosecution will proceed when his mental state improves, the Manhattan district attorney’s office said.

“This criminal needs to be held accountable for this heinous crime,” Local 100 President Richard Davis said. “We will keep an eye on the case, and when it returns to court, we will continue to demand justice for Garrett. A day doesn’t go by that Local 100 doesn’t mourn the loss of our union brother.”

Avinger set fire to a shopping cart on Goble’s train as it traveled in Harlem in March 2020. After the train car burst into flames, Goble, the father of two children, helped evacuate riders. He became overwhelmed by the thick smoke and died.

Local 100 has established a scholarship in his honor.

Grievance Win on Station Agent Pay

Local 100 caught the MTA shortchanging hundreds of Station Agents on their pay – and now the Authority must cut retro checks to the affected members.

The MTA was not fully applying a $1 pay-rate increase to Station Agents who have less than five full years on the job. The rate increase was part of a union-management agreement allowing Station Agents to work outside their booths that went into effect March 30, 2023. It is supposed to be applied to all Station Agents, not just more veteran workers.

Stations Vice President Robert Kelley filed a grievance. The MTA saw the writing on the wall and agreed to settle the case by agreeing in writing to provide retro pay going back to March 30, 2023, union counsel Arthur Schwartz said. The size of each retro check will depend on a worker’s date of hire, but the affected agents are expected to receive payments worth several hundred dollars.

“This is another example of our union staying on top of things,” Local 100 President Richard Davis said. “We will keep calling out the Authority when it doesn’t live up to the contract. That’s our job, and we will continue to be vigilant.”

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