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Registration for Child Care Vouchers to Open on Feb 12

The TWU Local 100 - NYCT Childcare  Fund will begin offering vouchers for the summer and fall seasons on February 12th. The application period continues until March 15th. All union members in good standing employed by OA/TA/MTA Bus are eligible. For the summer program, children can be from four to 12 years old. The fall program accepts newborns to 12 years old. For more information and to apply, visit the Childcare Fund's website at this link. Applications are accepted first come, first served -- so save the date and get your application in as soon as you can.

Questions About Heathplex Dental Coverage?

Healthplex/Dentcare has integrated onto a new operating system effective January 1, 2024.

If you have questions about your dental coverage, click here to get answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

You should have received a new dental coverage card in the mail. If you have not received your new ID, please call Healthplex at (877) 363-4627

Remain Vigilant as Cold Temperatures Roll In

Exercise Extreme Caution While Working in the Cold

Colder temperatures present extra dangers and hardship for transit workers, especially those working on elevated structures, where wind is also a factor. Please refer to our "Working in the Cold" advisory for further tips and warnings on the dangers posed by cold weather.

Celebrating Dr. King's Legacy

JANUARY 15 -- On this day, we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr., with an excerpt from his address at the TWU’s 11th Constitutional Convention — 1961

"TWU Local 100 Local 100 Local 100– A Union of Minorities No doubt the special depth that typifies your Union springs from the fact that you are virtually a Union of minorities, because I understand your membership is largely made up of Irish, Italians, Negroes and Jews. Each of these minorities had to pursue a struggle for equality as a people. This heritage you are able to understand more clearly, than others—the goals and methods of the Negro’s present-day fight for freedom. Negroes who are now beginning their march from the dark and desolate midnight of discrimination can find from you inspiration and lessons for the hard-road still ahead. But though we have a multitude of problems, we cannot be unmindful of new problems confronting labor. Toward these problems we are not neutral, and certainly not indifferent, because they are our problems as well."

Click here to read the complete address by Dr. King.

EXCLUSIVE: Train Operator Talks About Train Collision That Led To Derailment

Train Collision Sparks Derailment — Workers, Passengers Injured

Jan 4, 2024 — Today at approximately 3 pm, a train collision near 96th Street led to a derailment, causing injuries and significant disruptions to service. Emergency services are actively attending to those injured, while the Union has initiated an investigation to determine the factors contributing to the collision and subsequent derailment.

President Richard Davis said: “It's truly unfortunate that both passengers and our TWU members were injured in the derailment. Our hearts go out to them, and we're earnestly hoping for their swift recovery. In the interim, our members are working tirelessly to restore service while ensuring everyone's safety and well-being.”

Important Update: Healthplex System Issue and Coverage Continuity

JANUARY 3 -- TWU Local 100 Members, I am reaching out to provide you all with an update pertaining to the current technical issue affecting the Healthplex/Dentcare system, which has led to a misleading indication of terminated coverage. The notice from Healthplex affirms operations will return to normal in the morning. If you continue to encounter issues or have questions, please reach out to a Local 100 representative for assistance.

At this time United Healthcare is assisting in managing back-end system aspects for Healthplex. For verification, your dentist can contact Provider Services at 877-363-4627 to confirm coverage and address any potential denials.

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Cleaner Assaulted on the Job

The NYPD just released surveillance footage from an assault on one of our members that occurred on December 8, in a Bronx subway station. A 55-year-old MTA Worker was assaulted by an unidentified man who accused him of staring. The attacker approached the Subway Cleaner around 10:30 am at the Cypress Avenue station on the 6 train line, angrily questioning him about what he was looking at. Without warning, the assailant punched the MTA employee in the face before fleeing the scene. The suspect remains at large, and police are seeking the public's assistance in identifying him.

The video shows the attacker talking on a cell phone before the assault, while our member is visible in the background, sweeping the subway platform. The victim sustained a facial cut and was taken to the hospital in stable condition. The individual was spotted wearing a black coat and carrying a crossbody bag when last seen. If you recognize the suspect, you are encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-8477 (TIPS). Stay safe and vigilant.

Flatbush Depot Renovations

Flatbush Depot — 12/21/23

Quality of life improvements continue as we add another work location to the list of renovated facilities. President Richard Davis led the ribbon cutting of Flatbush Depot's renovated facilities this morning accompanied by TWU Local 100 officers and fellow members. “I made a promise to our members and I have every intention of keeping it. I toured the system and found an outrageous number of locations in dire need of improvements. Their safety and quality of life were jeopardized. And that’s what we’re working towards fixing now. Even if I have to fight tooth and nail for it.” Said President, Richard Davis.

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RTO Conductor Menaced with Weapon


In a shocking incident that unfolded yesterday morning (December 19, 2023) on the B Line of the Prospect Park Station, a train conductor faced an egregious threat that has sparked intensified demands for enhanced safety measures on NYCT Train platforms. The incident occurred during the routine procedure where subway conductors are required to point to a black-and-white striped board before opening the train doors. This safety protocol, implemented in 1996, ensures that the conductor has a clear view of both ends of the train and that it is safe to proceed. However, yesterday's routine took a terrifying turn for one brave train conductor. As the conductor prepared to perform the safety check, a perpetrator approached her, issuing a chilling threat: "If you don't get this train moving, this is what is going to happen to you," while revealing a firearm concealed in his waistband.

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