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Healthcare Update: Aetna and NY Presbyterian Agreement Reached!

For members who may have received an email or correspondence from NY-Presbyterian about their negotiations with Aetna: A agreement has been reached! The ongoing negotiations between Aetna and NY-Presbyterian have been settled. These negotiations are a standard part of the process, aimed at securing the best possible health plan for you. At this time, your coverage remains unchanged. There will be no impact on your ability to receive care at NY-Presbyterian facilities. Your health and well-being is a top priority. If you have any questions or concerns contact your union rep or call Aetna at 1-855-824-5349

Richard Davis, President
Richard Davis, President

National Transit Worker Appreciation Day

MARCH 18 -- It's National Transit Worker Appreciation Day. Whether you operate a bus or a train, make announcements and ensure safety, fix and repair rolling stock, serve customers at transit hubs, clean and maintain our system, transport schoolchildren or tourists, you are valued and you are our reason for being at TWU Local 100, the greatest and most powerful transportation union in the United States. Through the routine and the unexpected, we are the bedrock of New York, keeping this great City moving 24/7.

Appreciation is often not extended to you when you deserve it. That's why we get on the news to make sure the public understands what it is that we do and the hazards of our jobs, even as we are committed to ensuring ever better wages, working conditions, and benefits for you as we go forward. Never forget that we are a Union family and that the fact of our solidarity, above all else, will secure our future.


Union Mourns Station Agent Marty Goodman, 74, Dedicated Activist

MARCH 17 -- The Union regrets to announce the passing of former Executive Board Member and longtime Station Agent Marty Goodman, who was found deceased at his residence in Manhattan yesterday. Marty cut a wide swath as a progressive activist not only in the labor movement but also in the fight against imperialism in Haiti and in favor of the rights of Palestinians. He retired from NYCT several years ago.

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Newly Renovated Parsons-Archer Crew Facility

Jamaica Center, March 15th 2024 - Sec’y Treasurer Chiarello, RTO VP Gomez, officers, members, and NYCT personnel inaugurate the newly renovated crew facility in the home of the E & J lines.

Chiarello praised the work of our in-house maintenance crews, and Gomez welcomed the improvements for RTO members.

MoW Mourns the passing of V&D Maintainer Kenneth Devens

Members at Hydraulics and Emergency Response are mourning the death of Ventilation and Drainage Maintainer Kenneth Devens, 67. Brother Devens had 9 years with NYCT. He was remembered by Shop Steward Alfonso Simmons as a kind-hearted Union Brother who had a talent for woodworking and created wood inlays for co-workers showing their name and work location.

Structure Chair Kenneth Bachoo, MOW Vice President Richard Rocco, Secretary-Treasurer John V. Chiarello, and President Richard Davis send their condolences to Brother Devens' family.

Funeral arrangements can be found here

Update on the shooting at Hoyt / Schermerhorn

MARCH 14 -- Another tragic shooting has occurred within the subway system. Gunfire broke out aboard a Northbound A train in the conductor's car. Thankfully, the train crew emerged physically unharmed from the ordeal. Upon learning of the incident, Division Chair Jonluke Rodriguez, along with union representatives Ernest Boyce and Denise Long, immediately mobilized response efforts.

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TWU Takes on Lieber, DA Bragg on Workforce Safety

MARCH 12 -- TWU Local 100 President Richard Davis took the fight to the MTA and the Manhattan DA in a full page New York Post ad, which names MTA CEO Janno Lieber and DA Alvin Bragg as "dumb and dumber," derelict in their responsibilities to address crime in the transit system. We followed up on the ad with a news conference in which President Davis said Lieber hasn't demonstrated enough concern for transit workers and that Bragg's decisions on what penalties to seek in two high-profile assault cases were far too lenient.

The Union is advocating for measures including demands for better police deployment -- focusing on areas where we Local 100 members are operating -- along with a demand that Judges enforce involuntary commitment laws against the violent mentally ill. Other specifics include a request that judges ban persons accused of assaulting transit workers from the transit system as a condition of release pending trial.

Womens Day, Health Fair Set for Friday, March 22nd

TWU Local 100 invites you to join us for our annual International Women's Day celebration at the Union Hall on the 3rd floor.
The program begins at 5PM.

In conjunction with our Women's Day Celebration, we are hosting a health and wellness fair on site, from 3PM to 9PM. Enjoy Benefits Providers, Biometric Screening, Lectures, Nutrition, Fitness & Relaxation Techniques, Smoothie Bike, Paraffin Wax, Hot Beverages. All members are invited, but remember— ladies first!

Wishing a blessed Ramadan to our members!

As we begin this sacred month of reflection and unity, we recognize and appreciate the invaluable contributions of our Muslim members. Your dedication strengthens our union. #1u #ramadankareem #wemoveny #memberbuilt #memberstrong #memberdriven



MARCH 8 -- Empowering women in every station of life! Today, we celebrate the incredible contributions of our amazing Union Sisters at TWU Local 100. Happy International Women’s Day!

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